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Winter Wear: 6 Canadian Brands We Love

If you read my last article, you know that I have just mastered the art of winter dressing (it’s about time!). I haven’t made a lifetime buy just yet: snow pants, but all this research and none of them have lived up to my expectations. I had to find more things to help me survive this frost! There is always the tried and true formula — parka, toque, scarf and gloves — is hard to beat, but I believe that in 2021, we should be open to new things, and that includes whatever new and improved technology could offer up. So here are six Canadian brands that are doing just that: giving us ways to improve winter living. 


What’s Ewool’s mandate? To keep you warm. It’s method? A heated vest…Welcome to the future! This noteworthy vest is offered in both women’s and men’s sizing, from XS to XXL. What makes this best vest, bar none? It starts heating with the press of a button (just one button!).  The internal heating system has got you covered: the built-in heated liner has got your back, your chest, and your neck, and can be running in as little as 10 seconds. You can choose opt for your choice in battery life: 4 or 8 hours. To charge it, simply plug in the vest in the nearest outlet. It’s definitely more of an investment purchase, I’ll admit, but it is washable (after you’ve removed the battery) and it comes with a one-year guarantee. Ewool offers heated gloves, which are smartphone friendly, so you can definitely text in them too!  



Being the lazy fashionista that I am, finding multi-purpose clothing scratches an itch. Tukuan invented a skirt that can also be worn as a shawl. The skirt was conceived by a mother who was wrapping her ankles with a scarf to keep warm. Ethically designed in Chabanel and made of strong, natural fibers, the skirt can be worn over tights, leggings or pants to shield you from the cold. It’s perfect if you bike in the winter or have to sit in freezing car as it warms up. You have a choice of two lengths: knee-length or midi. And thanks Elle est parfaite lorsqu’on se déplace en vélo l’hiver ou même lorsqu’on s’assoit sur notre siège d’auto glacé. Deux longueurs sont disponibles : genou ou mi-mollet. Thanks to the system of snaps along the waist, it can adapt to any size 4-14 and 14-18. 



Wearing glasses has never been harder, especially in thanks to that winter fog — a proven foe this year. We searched and searched for miracle products that could allow us to wear our glasses and enjoy the outdoors without fogged-up lenses. Well, I found it: Baffin’s Fog-Off Mask. How is it possible, you ask? It has an adjustable vent for the nose! It’s offered in one standard size and colour (black). It’s adjustable thanks to a Velcro attachment and it keeps you warm. Finally, you can breathe without fogging up your glasses! 



I really wanted to field more wearable tech options, but sometimes you just have to go to the source. Especially now, when fast fashion is not only gaining traction, but it’s turnover rate is currently unbeatable. Pleau opts for a more slow and steady production process: inspired by a rich history and more traditional technique — everything is handmade with the best quality fibers available. You can’t really argue with handmade: it achieves what a machine simply can’t. My favourite design? The hat with the hole on top, so you can fit your ponytail through! They have different models, colours, scarves, mittens and toques for women, men and children! 



We’re becoming much more conscious and discriminating with what we buy. After 2020, we’re especially opting for local, handmade and more ethically made products…rarely does one brand combine all three. In this case, there is one: Rose Buddha! The vibes check out: Maxime and Madeleine offer customers products that are made ethically from recycled materials or natural fibers. Rose Buddha is also a zero-waste company, and a registered charity, which is why they also plant a tree for every purchase. With a clearer conscience, I invite you to try their high-waisted microfleece leggings, which will keep you warm comfortable and cozy all season.  

Rose Buddha


Of course we want to be warm when we’re outside, but during this cold season, but sometimes we want to bundle up and stay indoors too. Loungewear has made a comeback thanks to this pandemic, but what about pyjamas in beautiful colours and prints? We need to be comforted right now, so La Vie en Rose’s microfleece pyjamas are perfect for the job! This business celebrates women and designs with them in mind. Even more, it’s washable! Go see all the different styles immediately. And thank me later! 

La vie en rose

It’s official, I’ve brought together all the cool products that will help you survive this winter! In any case, I think we can safely boast because most of them are from Quebec! Whether you’re in the city or the country, out for a walk or hitting the slopes — you’re all set. I hope that these products will help you enjoy some quality time outside so you can get that daily dose of vitamin D. That being said, I’m definitely ready to write about anything other than the cold and snow…maybe bikinis? 

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Winter Wear: 6 Canadian Brands We Love