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Don’t Call it a Throwback: 5 Iconic Mitsou Looks to Revamp in 2021

When Mitsou first asked me to head the fashion section of her magazine and style her, I was speechless. There I was at The Bay with too much on my plate: I was doing my rounds of stylist returns,and so my hands were full of bags. Me? I wanted to ask. Women like Mitsou have inspired every part of my career as a stylist. These are women who are liberated, daring, and for years challenged the status quo. Always ahead of their time, they fought for our right to speak up and out, which is why I decided to pay tribute to Mitsou’s style. And what better way than revisiting her best looks and showing her loyal readers how to recreate them in 2021. And you know what? They’re all in style for spring!


We all have a dark side. If you’re like Mitsou, then you express it through your sartorial choices. This photo of her sporting the goth trend just oozes Vampira. Goth chic peaked in the 1990s, when rebellion was punctuated by romantic touches: black leather on black lace, grunge music — this oh so dramatic look is super easy to recreate. 

1- Dress – HM ⎪ 2- T-shirt – HM ⎪ 3- Boots – Dr. Martens ⎪ 4-Lace gloves – Shein

The easiest way to goth up your vibe? With jewelry! We’re thinking crosses, roses, and skulls. Any stand-ins for the dead! Add some Doc Martens (Mitsou’s favourite!). And feel free to layer with more accessories: jewelry, gloves, belts, corsets, chains, etc. Maybe even an onyx lip?


Those who know me know that I am a huge supporter of the yee-haw agenda. (I love country!) Don’t be surprised if this look is at the top of my list. It’s very easy to recreate and if it were up to me, I would wear it as is. Are you a badass cowgirl or a prairie girl? Think leather, fringe, and western boots for this one. 

1-Fringe belt – Free people ⎪ 2-Short – Zara ⎪ 3-Boots – Free People ⎪ 4-Hat – Aritzia ⎪ 4-Prairie dress – anthropologie

If you are looking to go the badass route, opt for a leather legging and oversized jacket. If you don’t like more oversized and structured pieces, try something a little more country. Wear long dresses with boots and let the wind do the rest. The latest print of the hour is cow. You heard me! After leopard, snake, tiger and zebra stripes, we’re now going for cow print. I am definitely here for the cowboy look, and you could say I’m a western spaghetti-phile. (I am Italian, ha!)

El Mundo

I find this photo so inspiring for a reason: the colour blocking and mixing is impeccable! (And so is Mitsou, duh)! Have you ever been too scared to mix colours? Well, you shouldn’t be. Know that our eyes appreciate complementary couplings: red/green, bleu/orange and yellow/purple. So why not try to push it?

1-Yellow sweater – Zara ⎪ 2- Red leather pants – Asos ⎪ 3- Purple sweater – H&M ⎪ 4-Ankle boots – L’intervalle

Feel free to combine different tones of these colours to customize your look. If it’s too much, opt for an accent colour instead: an accessory for a pop of colours or layer a colourful piece with a neutral or denim. For those of you eyeing the wearable fruit in the El Mundo look…why not try out some patterns or maybe a recipe? It’s up to you. 


The most striking thing about this photo is the sheer sleeves, and we’ll be seeing more of them come spring. This delicate fabric is sensual, revealing a little skin. If you are layering, it definitely helps in creating a bit of mystery…and what more can I say about comfort: the fabric is light, breathable and stretchy. 

1-Yellow top – Zara ⎪ 2-PUFFY-SLEEVE BODYSUIT – Simons ⎪ 3-Dress – Urban outfitter

They won’t be red this season, though, but pastels. Here are some ways to wear sheer clothing:

  • Choose the right undergarments. They should have coverage and a unified colour. We’re hiding the belly button too: opt for high-waisted pants and skirts. This will help with the proportions.
  • Yes to layering: try a blazer or dress! 


When I think of Mitsou’s style, I think about Kate Moss. Mitsou has a chic rock side to her, and it’s always glam! I love it when she wears leather (or faux). And I chose this photo as a nod to a trend she wears well. For me, there are 5 things you should ask yourself when looking for a perfecto:

  1. The material: leather or vegan leather? It’s a question of personal ethics. To demystify the process, go read my article on the subject matter.
  2. The colour: a black perfecto is classic, timeless, and always in style. However, if you do opt for a colourful take on it, the perfecto can become a statement piece that really turns around your more classic outfits.
  3. Length: if you are more petite, a shorter perfecto is much better. If you’re medium height, you can definitely try out a longer one, but these do tend to sit better on taller women. If you’re game, why not try an oversized look?
  4. Fine trimmings: a perfecto is easier to style if the hardware (belt and buckles) is more understated. If you want to take a walk on the maximalist side, why not go for the bells and whistles?
  5. Pockets: essential — I thought it was worth mentioning!
1-Black perfecto – Dynamite ⎪ 2-White perfecto – Noize ⎪ 3-Blue leather perfecto – Rudsak

I swear it’s a coincidence that the Mitsou looks I chose to recreate are in style for spring. This proves, if anything, that Mitsou is timeless. I hope this will help you (and even push you) to recreate this iconic looks. 

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Don’t Call it a Throwback: 5 Iconic Mitsou Looks to Revamp in 2021