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The lazy girl guide – The Leggings Edition

I don’t know about you, but I’m lazy. My everyday goal is to be the most comfortably dressed for work. No matter what’s planed that day; you could say I’m a shod badly shod. My favorite piece of clothing that lets me go from work, to gym and almost to bed is the leggings. My goal with this article is to teach you how to wear your favorite leggings and make it fashion. But remember, if you’re going to wear your leggings at work or at events, remember to cover your butt. Here are some outfit ideas for you, thank me later.


Some leggings have different textures and that can dress up your outfit: leather, suede, or shiny fabric… paired up with a white shirt and a blazer can make you look super classy while keeping your discomfort to a minimum. I found some really cool fake leather leggings at Zara in multiple colors! Who says texture says patterns! ‘’Au Coton’’ offers you a variety of leggings with prints that will dress your outfits.


Cozy up

This is one of the ways I style my leggings the most: oversized knits or hoodies, classic black leggings and a chunky boot. I try to always cover my butt to make it look less sporty and more dressy. My favorite leggings are at Aritzia. They are blackout, stretchy, and the waistline is smaller so it fits like a glove. Even after multiple washes, they stay in good condition.



Let’s just embrace the sporty look, it’s super trendy, comfortable and maybe it’ll make you hit the gym later if it’s already on? A good sweat always makes me feel powerful. My favorite workout leggings are from Under Armours. I love them because the elastic  band at the waistline secures everything. I also recently discovered high-waisted leggings from Lolë. They hold up very well on curves!


The modern woman wants to dress for speed and comfort. We are busy, travelling and have a lot of things on our to do lists to check off. Being dressed comfortably is a must. Some leggings are also a great type of shape wear, the fabric listens to your curves and can have a corset effect and flatten your stomach area.(www.spanx.com) I’m on the team that claims you can wear whatever makes you feel best. So stack up them leggings and go be the busy girl you are.


P.S For summer, cycling shorts are as comfortable as leggings but more convenient with the temperature.

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The lazy girl guide – The Leggings Edition