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Mitsou's blue puffer coat available on Mitsou boutique// Photo: Sebastien Sauvage // Makeup : Romain Le Moëllic // Stylisme: Camille Internoscia

The coats you will want to wear this winter

What is so great about living in Canada, is that we really do get four distincts seasons, which allows us to literally wear every types of clothing. Usually, regular humans are not fans of winter, I know I’m definitely not. The easiest thing would be to pick out any warm coat and call it a day, it’s like activating survival mode. But with this article, I want to offer you options that will make you look and feel great. Let’s step up our game, and let met present you great options for the cold times arriving. Here are the the trendiest outerwear for winter 2020.


Burgundy Parka: Canada Goose // Metallic blue Parka: Kanuk // Black Parka: Quartz.co

This one is a no brainer if you live in canada. It’s what you take out of the closet when the temperature hits its lowest. They usually have a huge hood embellished with fur, or even faux fur (my fav). They are water resistant. The right one is timeless and ageless. What is great about the parka, is that it will protect you from the rain and the cold. It is the most practical with all the zippers and pockets.


Long beige puffer coat: Aritzia // Vest: Save the Duck // Blue puffer: Save the Duck

I think this model is my favorite. Maybe because I tend to run around all day and need a flexible, breathable, but cute coat. What I love the most about puffer is that they come in every length, and even without sleeves; It fits every silhouette! The interior of the coat can be synthetic or not, but fact is, it’s insulated. The puffer retains your heat and regulates your body temperature no matter the outside weather.

The faux fur

Red teddy faux fur: H&M // Star teddy faux fur: La Baie // Brown teddy faux fur: Noize

This is the ultimate trend for this winter. The perfect fit to fight the cold weather and animal rights! And this winter, the cuts, prints and colours are crazier than ever. Go for the most colourful, oversized, animal printed ones! They are perfect to dress up a casual look; like with jeans and t shirt. Or to go out and look the most glamorous possible. They are also highly resistant to cold. Fun fact: its washable in the machine!


White cropped teddy coat: Urban Outfitter // Long cream coat: Best Seller // Long burgundy coat: Olsen

Some say that the teddy coat might become an essential in your wardrobe and how happy am I about this affirmation. This plush jacket is the definition of chic and cozy.  It’s the safe choice if you don’t feel ready for faux fur yet. Which is great since faux fur can be expensive. This cuddly fabric cannot get wet though, so don’t wear it to go play in the snow! It can also take the shape of a pea coat, a perfecto, a puffer, a maxi coat, the list goes on and on.


Beige Cape: Zara // Cream cape: Simons // Black cape: Tristan

This might be the most comfortable option. First of all, its arm-less. You can pick a great layer to put underneath that will bring out the best out of your cape. Also, who says layers, says warmth! Have fun with this one, since it’s sleeveless, you can really show off your look. It also feels like wearing a blanket… didn’t I tell you I’d offer you comfortable options?

The whool coat

Tartan Coat: Womance // Belted coat: RW&Co // Hot purple coat: Noize

This coat is for the classic woman. It’s traditionally made of thick wool, the best fabric to keep your warm, it’s also a great fabric to add layers underneath. Wool is moisture-resistant and long lasting. If it ever gets too expensive, go for a wool blend.  This timeless piece can be worn the most classic way,  but this season we see a lot of plaid prints. And also, long, now that will slim your silhouette, you can also pick one that is belted! This elegant option is great for a night out!

In 2020, picking between being trendy or warm is not a thing anymore. For all the different stages of the Canadian winter, you can have a great outerwear look. If you ever wonder what boots to pair these coats with? Patience, this article will come very soon! You know I got your back.

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The coats you will want to wear this winter