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Ever since Grey’s Anatomy has been on Netflix, I have only had eyes for Dr. Shepherd. Recently, another series has not only managed to vie for my affection but avert my gaze to the moody Simon Bassett, the Duke of Hastings, in Bridgerton. A happy coincidence because both series are by Shonda Rhimes. I binged this saga, inspired by the romance novels of the same name, which follows the lives of Viscount Bridgerton’s eight children: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloïse, Francesca, Gregory and Hyacinthe. In the first season (the second has just been confirmed!), we follow Daphne’s foray into married life. No spoilers, but I was charmed by the storyline, the music (modernized versions of the classics) and definitely the costumes…which inspired me to write this post! Here are more updated versions of Bridgerton trends to try this year!


The empire waist is characterised by how high it sits — right up to the chest! It’s a miracle worker too: it lengthens and snatches. Here are some tips to adapt the style for your own body type: 

  • If you’re petite, the empire waist will lengthen you so you will definitely look taller!
  • For those of you with Rectangle, Apple, and Inverted Triangle body types, the dress is ideal because it highlights the smallest part of your waist.
  • For those of you with more hourglass figures, the dress flares in a way that frames your curves. The band needs to be wide enough to define your small waist!

I forgot to mention…if you do go for the empire waist with décolletage, it will showcase your…assets. Capiche?

1-Banana Republic / 2-Free people / 3-H&M / 4-Free people / 5-Aritzia / 6-1861


In Bridgerton, the hairstyles are inspired by Ancient Greece (don’t worry, I’m not bringing out any togas!). Dare to try her wig? Or would you wear the diadem? Maybe not! But it’s inspiring enough to see all these accessories and romantic touches that are meticulously applied: flowers, feathers, ribbons, diamonds, pearls and curls. Very girly, I know, but it can uplift your look and spirits and it’s a great way to add some points of interest to your looks. Some ideas: 

1-Gribou / 2-Anthropologie / 3-Pilgrim / 4-Boohoo / 5-Free people / 6-Simons


We started to have some inkling that the puffy sleeve would come back in 2018 because at the time, we were pretty 80s obsessed. The nostalgia-baiting might have passed, but we haven’t moved on from ample sleeves just yet! The style has been reworked just in time for spring 2021 with a more exaggerated sleeve and romantic feel. The volume doesn’t just scream romanticism for me, but a little glimmer of hope (who wouldn’t walk with their held high over those XXL shoulders?) 

1-1861 / 2-Aritzia / 3-Urban Outfitter / 4-H&M / 5-Boohoo / 6-Zara


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but each family in the series has a dedicated colour palette. The two main families are the Bridgertons and the Featheringtons. Their dressed in specific colours to define and differentiate them, but also to showcase their social standing. The Featheringtons are nouveau riche, so their colour palette is more vibrant to such that they’re too much. On the other hand, the Bridgertons are decked out in pastels (very in this spring!). The blue Daphne wears symbolizes more effortless luxury. The duke is often in red. When they marry, Daphne starts wearing purple…which is a combination of red and blue! See just how much goes into visual storytelling? These details are the reason I love fashion and what’s left unsaid. 


1-La Baie / 2-L’intervalle / 3-Simons / 4-Zara


1-Zara / 2-L’intervalle / 3-Michael Kors / 4-Labaie


These shoes will definitely make you think about a school uniform, but they were first introduced in the 19th century, which is why they’re featured prominently in this series. The Mary Jane is a ballet flat with a strap. Super comfortable, they’re practical and versatile: they can be worn with socks and plaid pants, a dress with tights or even jeans and a t-shirt. We’ve found so many iterations like the two-tones leather Chanels or the more grungy Dr. Martens t-straps. 

1-Dr. Martens / 2-Urban Outfitter / 3-NastyGal / 4-Nordstrom

Watching Bridgerton just takes us right there. The sets, the costumes, the landscapes…the mind wanders. You know, when we say that style is an art, this show is proof enough. Luckily, it has inspired designers because come spring 2021, we’ll be seeing the show’s touches everywhere: feminine, sweet and romantic. Perfect for the heat returns and hopefully, when life goes back to normal. 

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