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Photo: Sebastien Sauvage // Makeup : Romain Le Moëllic // Stylist: Camille Internoscia

Trend Alert: Faux Leather

I love having options. I also love doing the right thing. That applies to my fashion choices. I’m all for people doing whatever they want, well kind of. But when it comes to animals, I am very sensitive about their well being. That was kind of a problem when leather became so trendy. Then it wasn’t because I realized the amazing quality of the  new faux leather.

Now I know what you’re thinking: isn’t the faux leather bad for the environment? There are vegan leather brands that are eco friendly. It’s also is cruelty free, cheaper and stretchier. But what you need to know is that even with the real thing, turning skin into leather takes a lot of energy and toxic chemicals. On the other hand, real leather has a better quality and durability, so you buy less of it and you keep it longer… at this point you have a choice to make.

The faux-leather is also washable. Here is how to wash your favorite faux-leather garments:

  • Read the label;
  • Check the lining;
  • Turn the garment inside out;
  • Place in a mesh bag;
  • Pick cold and delicate cycle;
  • Skip the dryer, lay them flat or hang them in order to maintain the shape;
  • If it’s still wrinkly, turn the garment inside out, press a cloth over it and use the lowest heat setting on the iron.

Also don’t forget that suede is also a form of leather. It just has a different finish. Faux suede is also super trendy right now.

Mitsou wears a faux suede jacket from H&M and a faux suede legging from Simons. The amazing rust scarf is available here on Mitsou Boutique.

Enough with the laundry talk, here are some fashion tips to rock your vegan leather garment!

  • Wear a faux leather legging with a blazer and a white shirt to go to work;

  • Mix a faux leather perfecto jacket with a knit for fall;
  • Pair a faux leather skirt with a silk blouse;

  • Leather looks great with jeans;
  • Everything can be faux leather now, even overalls and jump-suits!H&M

And if you’re not ready or comfortable wearing any types of leather outfits, you can always pick cute accessories like belts, headbands or purses to add texture to your looks!


For Mitsou, I chose a leather dress, daring you would say? When I saw the dress I thought: the colour is rich, the faux leather is so thin and we have movement in the skirt. It can be rare for a stylist to propose a longer dress for her petite cliente. But here, the point of the long leather dress was to create length, solid colour also helps so that the dress doesn’t wear you. The heel also adds length to the body.

Mitsou wears a long faux leather dress from La Baie d’Hudson and Le Château shooties.

This fall, faux leather is everywhere and with the new technology, it’ll fit so much better on your body. If you chose it, you can create a lot of fun outfits and your wallet won’t feel bad and the animals will thank you. If you decide to stick to the real deal, keep it for as long as you can and re invent it with new styles every season.

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Trend Alert: Faux Leather