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Curves vs Pants

Let me tell you the saddest love story: curves and pants. Here is the reason why: no spandex? They won’t pass your knees. Too much spandex? They will get huge and you will wear them once. I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in years because my hourglass figure won’t let me. But this is a challenge I have accepted to take on and here are my solutions.

For curves, you have to remember the 2 key silhouettes and the one smart magic trick: high waisted, wide legged and tailored. 

1-High waisted


The trick is to show off the most petite part of your body. Show of that waistline! The high waisted silhouette is super slimming because it will accentuate your smallest feature. A peg trouser is genius because the waist is high and it has volume around the thighs. It’s usually suppose to give you a more baggy vibe, but my thighs fill up the space and it looks super cute!

2- Wide legged


This is a super classic cut that every woman should own in her closet, trust me, your thighs are going to be able to breath with all that space. I advice you to tuck your shirt in your pants, it will balance your silhouette by accentuating the hour glass figure (shoulder-waist-butt). The wide leg is so elegant and the fall from your thigh to the floor will create a flat line, which means slimming!

3- Tailored

Ok now here is a good trick for you: buy a size or 2 up and get them tailored! Your pants have to sit on your waist, never lower. Go get yourself a pair that will fit you on your legs and then go get the waist tailor. It’s not expensive and so worth it! You could even get the leg slimmed down around your calves if it’s still too big on you.

I know how difficult shopping is when you have curves. You may feel like clothes are not made for you. We just have to make them fit! that’s why I suggest you go for high waisted, wide legged or tailored pants! At the end of the day we all look fabulous and ready to take on any challenges!

Here where I can find my treasures: Simons, TopShop at Hudson Bay, at Aritzia, at RW&co and on Asos website.

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Curves vs Pants