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Marï Photographe

Comme un garçon

A tomboy vibe with a touch of femininity… That’s just what we love about the garçonne look! No need to toss out all your girly attire – it’s merely a pairing it with some more masculine pieces.

A few great examples over the past decades: Diane Keaton, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss, Vanessa Paradis, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lawrence, and countless others. Read on for some tips and tricks to create your own boy-meets-girl look, as well as our favorite pieces in stores and a look we put together for Mitsou.

First thing’s first: you absolutely NEED a blazer that you love. This item is arguably the cornerstone of the garçonne look. It can be paired with a skirt, wide-leg pants, dark skinnies, a dress, ripped jeans (our personal fave at the moment)… The most important goal is to strike a balance between masculine and feminine as you mix-and-match. The last thing you want is to look like you’re playing dress up. The goal is simply to inject a dose of boyish fun to your existing wardrobe.

Achieving this balance isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Adding just one accessory can often do the trick… But if you’re feeling bold, definitely try rocking a men’s shirt and blazer at the same time! Another tip is to pair masculine cuts with bright, feminine colors and patterns.

There are all kinds of variations to this look that have emerged over the past decades. In fact, Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent practically reinvented the traditional cut and style of the modern-day blazer.

Some golden rules to follow: pick colorful, feminine accessories; snag a few of your male pal’s shirts and blazers; and last but certainly not least, have fun with it!

Mitsou loves to wear ripped jeans, so we tried to give her a look built around that item. A good pair of ripped jeans is always nice… But ripped, embroidered, AND boyfriend-cut jeans bring together 3 trends in one – talk about a find! We paired them with this orange, boy-cut blazer, a timeless striped blouse, and some lovely lilac pumps. The final result: a professional, colorful, trendy look that’s right up Mitsou’s alley.

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Jeans en magasin seulement | Souliers Tristan | Chemisier RW & Co | Veston Top Shop | Lunettes

Make up: Sébastien Sauvage
Hair: Romain Lemoellic

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Comme un garçon