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The Return of Mitsou and Sébastien!

Who’s the lil guy I make radio with every fall? It’s Sébastien Benoit!!!!! I say “little” because Seb is such a young spirit in my eyes. He always looks fresh — and up to no good — at events or even in the station’s hallways. I mean we’ve all witnessed just how good he is at imitating anyone he’s met — even if it’s only been once. I’m happy to find him at the helm of the show, at Rythme 105.7, from 4 to 6, but my daughters are definitely happier than I am! Yes, they’re his biggest fans!

The show will premiere on August 19, 2019, and so will the next chapter of our friendship. We’re going to share our return and hopefully, we’ll help you unwind at the end of the day!


My arrival at the show doesn’t mean that Marie-Ève Janvier is leaving — quite the opposite! She will be in a brand new role, a solo host in the afternoon, while Julie Bélanger will keep you company before noon. The girls will form the first female duo at noon. What a great idea to unite them at the mic before lunch, and through friendship!

What about the morning?

The Rythme mornings will be even sunnier thanks to the arrival of Patrice Bélanger who will helm the morning show with Marie-Christine Proulx and Antoine Vézina.This dream team will be joined by some exceptional collaborators like Étienne Boulay, who just joined the Rythme 105.7 family. We’re all so happy to welcome them and listen to them!

From here on out, I’ll be bringing some extra inspiration and sharing stories when I’m back.

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The Return of Mitsou and Sébastien!