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Coats: The Top 5 Trends 2018-2019

As soon as there’s a chill in the air, we’re desperately seeking The Coat that will keep us warm all winter long. It’s never easy to make a choice because we want it ALL: style, warmth and to be honest, we want this to be a worthwhile investment piece. We’ve come to the rescue with our selection of the top 5 coats trends for Fall-Winter 2018-2019 that will keep you as fashion-forward as ever.

1. The Puffer Jacket

Whether we want to believe it or not, this season’s trends are forecasting a long, harsh winter because the puffer jacket from the 80s is making a comeback. It will be our number one ally this season.

Consider this puffer jacket slightly tweaked and updated, but still inspired by its sporty and cozy origins. This year, opt for a style with prints, neon, metallic (silver or gold) or bold colour.

Mitsou has a soft spot for puffer jackets from Save the Duck. Just like its name suggests, the brand doesn’t use duck down in its clothing and everything is 100% animal-free. That means that there are no feathers, leather or fur in any of their designs.

This pale pink style is perfect for the fall whereas the red one from the special Disney collection will be perfect for those brisker days.

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2. The Sherpa jacket

Also known as the “teddy bear coat,” we’ve been seeing this coat everywhere and for good reason: not only is it stylish, but it’s so comfortable it feels like you’ve wrapped yourself in a security blanket. If you like this coat style, you’ll have no trouble finding one you love because you can find it at different price points and in a variety of colours and materials mimicking that cozy plush. Sherpa coats are generally affordable, and this is something we love!

3. The wool coat

It’s definitely a classic — a must-have in every closet. It never goes out of style, but our preferences for cuts and tailoring change from one year to the next. This winter, we’re seeking out the more masculine and oversized cuts. If these styles are 100% available in store, then these coats have a long shelf too, so to speak. What this means is that you can easily find these coats in secondhand shops at a fraction of the price. For example, the two coats below were plucked from different Value Village™ stores in Montreal. The ample sleeve hems are vintage inspired and very much in style again, while 80s coats or the ones made here in Québec in the 50s, 60s and 70s are gems that you can grab for less than $50. A little tip: They tend to get new merchandise delivered every day, so it helps to go as often as you can so you get first pick of everything.

4. The faux-fur coat

Since last season, there’s been a faux-fur craze on the runways and now it’s made its way to streets. Faux fur adds an instant hit of rock chic to your look. And there’s a type for everyone: classic styles offer more demure colours whereas the more adventurous offerings come in bold colours or leopard prints—another essential trend this season.

5. the parka

The parka is a sure bet since…forever! This military-inspired style has become an essential friend for battling the cold. The parka has two things going for it: it’s warm and stylish. It’s the most cost-effective choice because it never goes out of style. You can opt for black, navy, khaki, grey or beige, so it can go with everything or go with a camo print, which is also in style year after year.

Photos: Dariane Sanche

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Coats: The Top 5 Trends 2018-2019