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NEOSTRATA : A Guide to Renewed Skin

How many times have you slathered creams all over your face without knowing what they really were or did? I plead guilty, your Honour. Of course I quickly read the benefits and ingredients list on the box, but do I linger how the products and active ingredients work? Do I take the time to really create a routine from a product line that’s customized to my skin’s needs in order to maximize the results? Not always, but I’m working on it!

When the opportunity to try out the new SKIN ACTIVE/DERM ACTIF line from NEOSTRATA came up, I wanted to do things the right way, so I enlisted the help of Alessandra Gatti, Regional Training Manager for the brand, before I started testing everything. From the start, I opened up about my concerns. After talking to her, I realized that this was a crucial step during the consultation. I explained to Alessandra that I have very sensitive skin and that I was worried because I know that NEOSTRATA has some of the strongest formulas on the market when it comes to skin renewal. Were they going to irritate my skin?

She explained to me that, essentially, the formulas are the most advanced ones on the market. So yes, they are very effective, but NEOSTRATA has expertly formulated their hyaluronic acid because they’ve been producing it for about forty year already. The brand developed its own complex array of active ingredients that target skin concerns related to aging (wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and hyperpigmentation) and they’ve worked hard to develop products that are pH balanced and will therefore not irritate the skin. Her advice for skin types like mine is to start using the products every other day, one time a day (morning or night). It’s just like exercise: You start slowly to achieve your maximum potential!

Next, you have to understand how the product line (and each product) works. To control signs of aging, NEOSTRATA’s technology relies on cellular regeneration. Basically, we shed our old cells with chemical exfoliants and stimulate new cell production for brighter, healthier-looking skin. Knowing this, it’s important to create a routine incorporating great products at the right time of day. For example, the  SKIN ACTIVE/DERM ACTIF The Cellular Restoration is very effective, but its intense exfoliating action isn’t appropriate if you’re going to be out in the sun. That’s why you apply it at night, right before bed.

My personal routine include the SKIN ACTIVE/DERM ACTIF Tri-therapy Lifting Serum , which is designed to act on wrinkles, but also on the skin’s density. I apply three drops in the morning and at night before layering on the hydrating cream. Alessandra’s advice: don’t forget the Cupid’s bow (the little v at the top edge of the upper lip) and crow’s feet. I also apply the  SKIN ACTIVE/DERM ACTIF Intensive Eye Therapy by lightly tapping the skin around the eye, because it’s very delicate. I do this morning and night, too. She also recommended a cream to smooth over the neckline, the SKIN ACTIVE/DERM ACTIF Triple Firming Neck Cream , a product that surprised me at first. Why couldn’t I apply my face cream in this area? NEOSTRATA chose to create two distinct formulas because the skin on the neckline and décolletage is not as delicate and can take in more active ingredients, which doesn’t hurt: we all neglect to moisturize ourselves there anyway.

These products work well for me and the fact that I know how and when to apply has helped the most. If you would like to try them out, I would suggest stopping by your local Jean Coutu and talk to one of their cosmeticians about your skin needs and concerns.

Photos: Sarah Laroche

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NEOSTRATA : A Guide to Renewed Skin