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My New Skin with NEOSTRATA

Every fall, I’m back on the hunt. We’re all searching for THE face cream that will refresh and rejuvenate skin, and leave us feeling our best.

This early morning ritual— one that will help carry us through a long day right through to the evening—is a crucial one. Ah! Face creams! We read absolutely everything about them, we ask our friends about them, and we even go rummaging through other people’s medicine cabinets just to…find the right one. But between you and me, it’s no longer a secret (almost!), because I’m inviting you all on my skincare quest.

Thanks to Mitsou Magazine, I try a lot of products from many different brands. Recently, NEOSTRATA asked me to test its new line of products. I jumped at the chance because I got to know the brand 20 years ago, when the glycolic acid in their products helped me through a strange bout of acne. Today, my skin’s needs are very different. I no longer have combination skin, but now I need a lot more hydration. You need to know when to switch up your routine. Think about it. It’s similar to your bra size—everything changes and needs updating!

I’ll admit that my knowledge of NEOSTRATA products was basic. Maybe yours is too? First of all, the name comes from a combination of Neo (new) and Strata (layer). Its main goal is to renew the top layer of the skin (epidermis) through exfoliation and rejuvenation. Second of all, the most interesting I learned traces back to the brand’s roots. Did you know that they started over 40 years ago and that their founders were part of the group of researchers who discovered the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and  that they devised the lunchtime peel (a peel that can be done before lunch is over)? In addition, the brand is sold exclusively by dermatologists south of the border. So we’re the only ones, here in Canada, who can find and purchase the products at the drugstore. It goes without saying that the products are some of the most potent on the market, and this is why you should introduce one product at a time into your routine.

This fall, NEOSTRATA is revamping its range with NEW formulas and packaging showcasing its top products for exfoliating, restoring and clarifying the skin.

I’ll be testing some and will share my favourites with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I can tell you that I love the SKIN ACTIVE Exfoliating Wash that is not only gentle but also so effective at removing makeup and clarifying skin. It’s my go-to prep step before I apply my skincare products!

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Crédits photos: Sébastien Sauvage

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My New Skin with NEOSTRATA