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A high-tech lift for your bust and behind!

Thanks to modern technology, there are more options available than just surgery to help lift your bust and behind! Imagine, a Quebec technology that now offers infusers to lift your curves: the plump and lift techstile® infusors for the behind and bust by Montrealer Nannette de Gaspé, are new technologies that are getting the world talking! Even though the company does not promise to turn you into one of the Kardashian sisters, it does help your behind (mens’ too!) and your breasts gain volume and bounce after one week of use.

What is it exactly?

The Uplift Revealed collection comes from a revolutionary technology. A thin fabric is “dry-printed” with active plumping and lifting ingredients that penetrate several layers of the skin. Delivered by the techstile, the ingredients inflate the fat cells which then gain up to 10% more volume. The paraben-free formula is made from 94% natural ingredients, including marine collagen and hyaluronate acid derivatives (commonly used in fillers).

How does it work?

One box contains two packets of eight pairs of half-moon shaped adhesive infusers. The infusers stick to your underwear (inside your panties or bra) and are worn for a minimum of one hour a day, for a week, and then twice a week for a month. Note that the infusers can be worn all day and will then act faster.

The buttocks take on a firmer and more sculpted look, but the effect is even more noticeable for the bust which can grow by up to one cup size. Note that women with smaller breasts will see a better result. Infusers are not recommended for those who have had breast augmentation.

Does it last?

After a week’s treatment, 80% of the women who tried the bust infuser noticed a better definition in the curves of their breasts. The effect should last between one to two months, and sometimes longer for some, much like Botox that can have a different effect on everyone.

Should we try it?

We agree that the most economical way to lift your behind is to do 200 squats a day. But Nannette is my friend, and she has been talking to me for months and with so much excitement about the development of this new technology, that I could not wait to try it! The bust and behind sachets have just been released on the market and are on sale at Holt Renfrew in Montreal or on Nannettedegaspe.com. for $225. Personally, I will not do a test for the bust, mother nature has already done her job, but I just started the treatment for my buttocks with the fabric in the shape of a heart (or octagon depending on my mood)! So, I give you permission to ask me about my behind in the coming weeks if you meet me!

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A high-tech lift for your bust and behind!