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Studios MTL Grandé: A New Step For Groupe Dazmo

19 years ago, my friend Andrew Lapierre, the man who would later become my husband Iohann Martin and I had just started renovating the first office of our new technical services company, Vidéo Assist who was starting to carve a place both in Quebec and international film landscapes. It was at the end of the 90s when Hollywood productions were migrating up north (here!).  We had founded Dazmo, our music for picture company,  6 months before and my kitchen table wasn’t enough anymore to manage our companies and to realize our dreams. Together, we demolished walls, we sanded floors and we moved on Richardson street in Montréal, just before we hired our first employee. We were so stressed, but hopeful.

Think Grandé

Andrew, Iohann and I were far from thinking that in 2016, we would inaugurate one of the highest studios in Canada: MTL Grandé. With their height of 54 feet, the soundproof studios and backlot totalize about 150 000 sq. ft. They are located in Pointe-Saint-Charles (right next to the future AMT train station) and operated by Cinépool. We are very proud of theses new production spaces and we hope that they will keep us busy for the next years.

With our many years of experience operating Vidéo MTL, a company founded in 2000 and offering equipment and technical services to local and foreign television and film productions, we wish to bring more American filming here, and also to contribute to the success of Quebec productions.

Since the completion of MTL Grandé studios, a few productions have already honoured us with their trust, including the show celebrating the 375th anniversary of our city, Montréal s’allume that will be broadcast on December 11 at 8:00 p.m. on Radio-Canada Télé, Télé-Québec, TVA and V. We are also very proud to welcome as one of our first clients the American production Jack Ryan, a franchise of Tom Clancy produced by Paramount and intended for the Amazon platform. This filming will take our floors for several months.

MTL Grandé is another great company that will make Montreal shine worldwide. It will also promote the talent of our technicians and filmmakers working in the very important cinema industry.

Evolving Together

It’s after I founded Groupe Dazmo with my partners in 1997 that I started hosting television and radio shows, writing in magazines and also for Mitsou.com. These activities now take most of my time and I am not as involved in our companies operations as I was 19 years ago, but I witness the extraordinary work my partners do at Groupe Dazmo  and its various branches.


MTL Grandé, its various film studios including one of the highest spaces in Quebec, as well as production and warehousing offices.

Vidéo MTL is an equipment and technical services company specialized in pre and post-production with more than 300 films to date.

Vidéo Assist is a company specialized in video services and equipment for film and television productions.

Dazmo is a music production company for movies, series and commercials.

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Studios MTL Grandé: A New Step For Groupe Dazmo