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Dancing with Misty Tripoli and Body Groove

I recently discovered Misty Tripoli and her Body Groove concept while browsing the Internet. She caught my attention, not just because of her dance style, but also because of her philosophy.

Who is MISTY

Misty is well-known in the world of fitness. She has represented Nike and Reebok as an athlete at several events around the world. Despite her energy and success, she has been fighting bulimia since the age of 15. She even almost died from it. Ten years ago, she left California and moved to Playa Del Carmen to make big changes in how she sees nutrition and training. This is where she created her Body Groove concept which is now a well-established success story in more than twenty countries. Her philosophy is simple: for her, being fit and healthy is not at all related to the size of our clothes. This message really appealed to me because I’ve repeated the same thing to my clients for several years. You have to do the exercise that suits you, for your own well-being, and not just for your appearance. As I mentioned in my last article no training method or diet proposed by another person is a miracle recipe for everyone because everybody is unique. If, like me, you love to dance and music makes you happy, Body Groove should make you happy.


The Body Groove concept is based primarily on 5 principles. For starters, Misty gives you three or four simple basic moves, and then it’s up to you to play.

  1. First principle: move freely without fear of being judged. There are no restrictions and no obligation to follow the teacher in the front of the class.
  2. Second principle: you cannot move badly or be wrong. Move according to your own creativity!
  3. Third principle: you must be original. All the more reason not to copy the teacher!
  4. Fourth principle: you have to move while listening to music and be in the moment.
  5. Fifth principle: it must be put into practice to live it. I’ll explain: we can watch videos, read books and learn about a sport or exercise, but as long as we haven’t actually put it into practice for a while, we cannot say whether it works or not.

Body Groove suggests that you let your body go, that you let go of control, and reconnect to your authenticity.

And as for Misty, she puts herself in full view with her brightly colored and happy clothes that are in harmony with her body that breathes joy. She makes you move to different rhythms of the world, and the music is always very catchy.

Take a break and watch these videos of this queen of dance. You should take off your shoes and let yourself be tempted! I chose three videos to show you of different styles, that allow you to travel for cheap. Do not hesitate to try this with friends, your children and even with your life partner. You’ll see, it’s contagious! It may sound cliché, but feeling free without fear of ridicule helps us to accept our body and to love it.

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Dancing with Misty Tripoli and Body Groove