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Gabrielle Bernstein: The Universe Has Your Back!

I met my angel this summer!

We all come across angels in one form or another throughout our lives. Some of them are family members, friends, lovers who become powerful agents of change. These are people who help us better understand ourselves and help us become better people. One of these key individuals is Gabrielle Bernstein – the thirty-six-year-old American woman with angelic blonde hair, a leather jacket and a message that resonates with so many young people from around the world. She’s revived spirituality and reintroduced to the women of my generation.

Gabrielle was invited by Anne Bérubé from Autopoetic Ideas for a conference at Place des Arts here in Montreal. I had the pleasure of introducing her onstage and was fortunate enough to interview her at Sofitel hotel. This was a special interview for me because three years ago, I promised her I would share her message with the francophone community. Here is the interview with French subtitles.

After May Cause Miracles (which I loved), Gabrielle published The Universe Has Your Back, which topped the New York Times Best Sellers list.

In The Universe Has Your Back – which in French would translate to “L’Univers vous backe (ou protège)!” – Gabby teaches you how to transform fear into love. At a time when we’re tempted to control everything, Gabrielle offers an alternative: trusting the divine creator (or whichever works best for you) and letting go so you can open yourself up to more joy everyday.


The Universe Has Your Back is also a great introduction to meditation and visualization techniques. Each lesson helps you release blockages so you can feel a sense of security and freedom. As I flip through page after page, the magic starts to happen, a kind of synchronicity takes place and suddenly I’m more in touch with my inner voice. It’s why whenever I read something by Gabrielle, my life changes more and more. It feels like someone up above is winking at me and saying: Go on, girl, you’re so much bigger and greater than you think! Your dreams aren’t as outrageous as you think!

The Universe Has Your Back isn’t available in French just yet. Publisher Le Dauphin Blanc will have it translated soon, but the English version is available in paperback, e-book and audiobook formats. Personally, I listen to it while jogging (it helps!) or in the car when I need to be steered in the right direction.

It’s wild how self-help books sell like hotcakes. In fact, they’re usually the best sellers in most bookstores. It this because so many people are unhappy? I’d like to think that once we start nourishing what’s within us with the works of inspiring writers, we’re compelled to keep doing so for a long time!

Books change lives and I hope that Gabrielle’s books can do the same for you!

Which book or writer changed your life?

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Gabrielle Bernstein: The Universe Has Your Back!