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David Usher: The timekeeper

I am sure you know Moist’s leader David Usher, but are you aware of his other creative talents such as business consultant, sought after speaker, and activist? He recently wrote a best-selling interactive book called Let the Elephants Run to help unleash your creativity. I had no idea what else he was up to until I saw his impressive presentation at C2 Montreal. What I saw shocked me to the point that I had to reach out to him for this interview.

David Usher’s company CloudID Media and a team of scientists built the Countdown 2 Degree Climate Clock to demonstrate the urgency of climate change in real time. According to the clock, the Earth will reach a temperature increase of 2 degrees in 28 years. What does that mean? Problems like massive flooding and worldwide food shortages.  Each Earth Day they will reassess the data and reset the clock.  David is hopeful that if we act now, we can extend this amount of time.  That is in our hands.  Be sure to share the clock with your friends to raise awareness for our planet.

Speaking of being green, are you aware of the designer AJ Paron-Wildes? National Architecture and Design Manager for Allsteel, a company focused on sustainability, she is a leader in the design world.  AJ’s son was diagnosed with autism 20 years ago and she has dedicated her career to promoting health and wellness in the workplace by redesigning for the individual’s needs. I also interviewed her and will present you the video very shortly.

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David Usher: The timekeeper