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10 Home Decor Trends for 2021

2021 is just three months away. This year was memorable for all the wrong reasons, so we’re more than happy to astral project into the future! Here are the home decor/design trends for 2021! Are you ready to spruce things up? 

1.Blue is the New Black

Forget all those little black touches from the last years! It’s navy blue — think deep-water dark — that will replace it. Whether it’s paint on wall or window frames, furniture, accessories — navy blue will be used for more modern take on elegant accents.

@sfgirlbybay.com / @smallstuffcounts.com / @theharperhouse.com / @callzingo.com / @domino.com

2. Goodbye, Geoprints! 

Forgo geometric and linear prints and opt for florals instead. Attention: when we say “floral,” we don’t means kitsch or your grandma’s couch. Prints and motifs have evolved. What’s available on the market is more updated and striking! You don’t have to cover the walls of a room, but maybe an accent wall or even half of one will do the trick. Try the ceiling if you’re really daring! 

@walmart.com/ @wallmur.com / @muralsyourway.com / @dorisleslieblau.com / @spoonflower.com

3. Invisible Hardware

Get this handle out of my sight! A new trend in minimalism is doing away with hardware — cabinet pulls, knobs — you name it. Handles are now integrated into doors, so that cabinets, drawers and doors are smooth. Perfect for more pared-down styles.

@howdens.com / @customfronts.co.uk / @johnlewis.com

4. Substitute the All-White Kitchen with a Two-Tone One  

The sleek, all-white kitchens have paved the way for their two-tone counterparts. Wall-mounted cabinets are white, while the ones lining the floor are finished wood. In 2021, more colourful finishes will replace the white. Forest green, red, sage, blue — the choice is up to you. The current trend is even being flipped: now the kitchen island is white, while the surrounding cabinets are in colour. We’re seeing people experiment with wood finishes too: darker ones for the base cabinets, and a lighter tone for the wall-mounted ones.  



If you’ve visited a government building in the last 50 years, it’s possible you’ve walking on Terrazzo! Ever popular from 1930-1970, it was overused, in fact, thanks to an overdose of speckling, it was replaced with linoleum, engineered wood flooring, marble and granite in the 90s.  It’s making its comeback, though! The beauty of Terrazzo is that you can control its production: the size of the speckles, their colour and quantity. The motif is even popping up in wallpaper or being reproduced in ceramic to create some original shapes and patterns. 

@anncoxdesign.com / @forbes.com / @thedesigmfiles.net / @dykeanddean.com


Adding furniture and accessories made of rattan and/or wicker adds texture to the overall decor and a more rustic feel. A large chair — even a peacock chair — along with wicker baskets on the wall or a lamp made of the same material will add a boho touch to the space. Try a macrame plant hanger for a more original look. Rattan and wicker go with any style: modern, country style, contemporary, or rustic. 

@blkmkvintage / @etsy.com / @worldmarket.com


Here’s a more original way to add colour without committing to a large painting project. Remove all the hinges, the knobs and voilà! Just repaint the door. It’s a quick change, fun and refreshing. Try it! White doors, again? Please! 

@dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com / @creatingmaryshome.com / @apartmenttherapy.com


We’re done with white on white on black and leaving the Scandinavian look in the past. We’re ushering in a revamped nordic style. White is replaced with warmer neutrals (beige, champagne and egg shell) and we’re adding touches of colour like sage, indigo, rust/copper, millennial pink — nothing too saturated, just muted. The decor is warm and inviting. 

@italianbark.com / @brit.co / @italianbark.com / @abitare.studio / @abitare.studio


Velvet has been making a slow and steady comeback and what a way to add texture. It’s classic, transcends time and you aren’t limited to seating. Lampshades, headboards, throws and cushions are other ways to integrate velvet into your life. 

@apartmenttherapy / @coxandcox.co.uk / @claytongrayhome.com / @anthropologie.com / @bay-design.co.uk / @darlingmagazine.org


Last, but not least, is line art. Line art is that kind of drawing made of just one continuous line, where the artist’s pencil never leaves the paper until they’ve finished. Picasso popularized the form, by reducing more complex shapes with just one line. This kind of art is very popular in 2021 (thanks, in part, to Tik Tok and Instagram). It pairs well with any room and no matter what kind or style! We’re even seeing this in wallpaper styles.  

@burkedecor.com / @etsy.com / @muralswallpaper.com / @etsy.com

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10 Home Decor Trends for 2021