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Pinterest’s predictions for this year’s biggest trends

Did you know that Pinterest can predict future trends? For 9 years, this platform has revealed its annual trend report, using data from its millions of monthly users to give us an exclusive look at upcoming trends. With an impressive 80% success rate over the past four years, it’s the perfect way to get a head start on 2024’s expected trends.

I had the chance to speak to Marie-Joëlle Parent, a Senior Content Communications Manager at Pinterest, who gave me the insider scoop on this year’s not-yet-trending styles. As she explained to me: “Pinterest wants to position itself as a platform where trends emerge. We want it to be like your personal stylist!”

From Y2K inspired makeup to coquette bows, here are the top trends to watch out for in 2024!

Eclectic Grandpa

“Coastal grandmother” is SO last year. In 2024, there’s a new cool grandparent in town. This funky aesthetic is all about mix and matching prints and colors. Vintage cardigans, retro hats, and comfy corduroys are the perfect way to incorporate this new trend into your closet. My personal favorite: a pair of colorful Adidas Sambas.

Make It Big

Go big or go home! 2024 is the year for oversized jewelry and bold accessories. Chunky gold earrings, larger-than-life sunglasses, and extravagant hair barrettes – the bigger the accessory, the better!

Blue Beauty

Blue makeup is back in style and better than ever. A Y2K staple embraced by ‘00s Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, blue makeup is a must-have in your beauty cabinet this year! Aquamarine eyeshadow, navy eyeliner, and light blue nail polish are just a few ways you can integrate this nostalgic trend into your beauty routine. Best of all, blue makeup looks good on everyone. Have fun experimenting with different shades to find a hue that best compliments your skin tone and eye color. A little blue in the corner of your eyes is such a fun way to add a pop of color to your look!

Western Gothic

Western fashion is making a comeback, but this time with a gothic touch! Moody-hued accessories are at the heart of this vintage-inspired trend. Looking to embrace this chic cowboy aesthetic? Black fringed jackets, cowboy boots, and dark-colored hats are the perfect addition to your closet!

Bow Stacking

Last but not least: the bow trend, which we are already seeing all over Instagram and TikTok. Definitely my (and Marie Joëlle’s!) favorite trend, “bow stacking” is the epitome of the coquette aesthetic. There are an infinite amount of ways you can incorporate bows into your look: as hair accessories, to adorn jewelry and shoes, or even as part of tops and dresses. This dainty detail is a simple way to elevate your favorite outfits!

Pro tip: Have you ever seen someone wearing a cute sweater or a cool pair of shoes that you wish you could magically add to your closet? Well, Pinterest might just make your dreams come true thanks to its amazing Lens tool. Located in the app’s search bar, this setting allows you to take a photo of any product you would like to find. From this photo, Pinterest will offer you several options for similar products, helping you recreate your desired look! “Pinterest opens the doors to an incredible universe,” emphasizes Marie-Joëlle. The Lens tool is just one way you can use this app to curate your personal style!

Photos: Pinterest

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Pinterest’s predictions for this year’s biggest trends