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My Favourite New Foundation and LA Beauty Destinations

For the second year in a row, I spent a few days in Los Angeles, while my kids play with their cousins, my sister-in-law Karine Martin’s children. For me, LA is where you can discover the latest trends in food and beauty. Although I love to hide away in cafes to write or work on any business developments, I still find the best spots. I’m going to share my 2019 finds with the best beauty spots.


Let’s go to the beauty aisle! I went through my Glossier phase in 2018 after my first Californian pilgrimage to the land of no-makeup makeup. In 2019, I fell in love with Light Wonder from Charlotte Tilbury, which is a foundation that I can only describe as classic Mitsou. It’s gone above and beyond my MAC Face and Body, which I’ve been wearing every day for a year.

You can find a Charlotte Tilbury counter pretty much everywhere in the US and Montreal (Holt Renfrew). (You can also purchase the products through Sephora or the Charlotte Tilbury website). Still, it was quite an experience to go to the first iconic boutique on American soil. The brand has also opened what Tilbury refers to as “beauty wonderlands” in London, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait.

CHARLOTTETILBURY.COM charlottetilbury.com

What can one find in the beauty wonderland? Well numerous classics and best sellers, but an equally sublime vanity in rose quartz (inspired by Tanit, the goddess of femininity and power in Ibiza) and…a magic mirror!


This fabulous mirror not only allows clients to virtually test out 10 iconic Tilbury looks, but it also analyzes their skins and assesses their beauty and skincare needs. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, teach me how to be the fairest of them all! With A.I. Makeup technology (Makeup Artistry Intelligence), Charlotte hopes for a more personal connection with all her customers and to pass on advice inspired by her own experience. I say yes!

The boutique is located right in the heart of The Grove. To visualize it, think Dix30 but on a more human scale, with an open market, a tram and tons of fantastic boutiques and restaurants. There is even a movie theatre with a hall that looks like a hotel lobby! We love to see it!


Nail Sunny

In Los Angeles, you can’t help but hear a Russian accent just about anywhere: in taxis, restaurants, flower shops, markets, but especially in beauty! Whoever hasn’t had a Russian manicure, raise your hand, so I can tell you about Nail Sunny, a Moscovite concept that has been in California for just a bit. The proof? The site hasn’t even been translated into English, but the services are on point! You’re instantly welcomed with bright decor that’s feminine, white with some rose and gold accents, and then you meet your nail tech. There, the gel polish is worked on one finger at a time (then the entire hand goes into the drying machine).

You can also arrange for a brushing/mani/pedi and eyebrow waxing too, but you’ll especially ogle at your nails like you never did before


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1? 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? 8? 9? 10? Mani 45$ gel ,pedi gel -55$♥️ to make an appointment go online ? 342 north canon drive Beverly Hills,90210 ????424-394-32-89 HAIR: ?Blow-dry 35$/long hair 40$?Haircut 100$?Color out 80$?Base color 150-250$?Highlights/balayage 275-475$?Treatment 85-180$?Brazilian blow out 200$ ?keratin straightening treatment300$?hair extensions 550$??Uo-do 95$ and up; ?BROWS:?shape 30$?color 15$?tweezing 25$?waxing 20$ ?MAKE UP 75-100$ ?eyelashes: ? classic set 180$? mixed set 200$ ? volume set 250$?100% mink set 300$?lash removal 30$ #Nailsunny #nailsalon #manicurla #manicureinla #nailsalonla #beverlyhills #90210 #anastasiabeverlyhills #westwood #french #la #Interiordesign #pink #style #art #hairla #hairinla #california #rodeodrive #eyelashesbeverlyhills #Eyelashextensions

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Голосуйте за наиболее понравившийся вариант в комментариях.?? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 или10? ?? На сегодня есть окна в Москве и в Санкт-Петербурге:?? ??маникюр-1000 р ?педикюр-1300 р ?коррекция бровей-700 р ??‍♀️уход Obagi -4500 р ?макияж-1500 р ??‍♀️укладки-1500 р ??‍♀️стрижки-2000 р ??‍♀️окрашивания-5000 р ✍?Запись Online по ссылке в шапке профиля!⬆️? ?Звоните: 8 (969) 733-33-55 ?Ул. Восстания 36 ,Ⓜ️Чернышевская(4 мин) официальная страничка @nail_sunnyspb в Санкт-Петербурге!???? @nail_sunny – главная страница ???? #nailsunny#nailsunnyspb#маникюргельлакспб#маникюршеллакспб#дизайнногтейспб#педикюргельлакспб#покрытиеподкутикулуспб

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Nadya’s skin care

Ahhhhh…. Si j’habitais ici, je verrais Nadya tous les mois!!!!! Cette esthéticienne (vous l’aurez deviné, elle est russe aussi!) offre un service de rêve. Son facial n’est pas des plus dispendieux (90$), mais elle le fait d’une manière si appliquée qu’on devient fan instantanément. Je n’ai jamais eu d’extraction aussi efficace et surtout, sans que rien n’y paraisse! On sort de son petit cabinet avec un teint rafraîchi et très lumineux. À Montréal, quand mon horaire me le permet, j’adore m’installer dans les mains de Magda qui fait des lifts de visage naturels et époustouflants.


Because Nadya knows her industry well, I asked her for some suggestions. She talked to me about Alex Tarin, who spray tans stars like Alyssa Milano, Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba. What’s so special about his method? He shades and highlights the body to define muscles (or lack thereof) with his contouring technique. Rock hard abs were never easier to achieve!


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#throwback #work #spraytan #bronzed #contouring #glam #glow

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Because in order to be hot, you some needs to be cool, I’m going to suggest cryotherapy.

The Cryocafe is located in very chic West Hollywood and counts many celebrities as devotees. There are the NFL players who treat themselves to some sessions to reduce inflammation in the muscles, or models that just want to rejuvenate the skin before their makeup, and even artists that go to soothe vocal chords after each show. The first person who brought Cryocafe on tour? None other than Canadian Shawn Mendez. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us!


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My Favourite New Foundation and LA Beauty Destinations