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Inspiring Feminists

I take great pleasure in reading the thoughts of young women on feminism. These creative minds deliver pieces, often lined with humour, reflecting on issues that question the belief that we live in an equal-opportunity society.

Here are a few that have inspired me over the past months:

In her show Inside Amy Schumer, Amy features a parody titled 12 Angry Men in which very popular actors (not particularly known for their looks) debate whether Amy is hot enough to be on TV. I love it! A few months later… Amy becomes the Pirelli pinup. Bam! THIS VIDEO IS A MUST!

Another is Amanda De Cadenet (my BFF!) who presents the English author Caitlin Moran (at 12:17) and she reminds young girls that, in England, women have only had real rights for one hundred years (in Quebec, women have only been allowed to vote for 76 years. Fantastic!

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Amanda meets up with Hillary Clinton and invites female bloggers to ask questions. Another thumbs up!

Chelsea Handler parodies Poutine by showing off her #Freethenipple campaign pics on Instagram and the corporation removes the pics while other women post erotic photos without a problem. It makes me furious!

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Chelsea zeros in on stereotypes with a touch of humour in her Netflix documentary series. Outstanding!


Actress Emma Watson creates a feminist book club featuring as a first title Gloria Steinem‘s My Life on the Road. Beautiful!

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revel when reading Carrie Brownstein‘s autobiography Hunger makes me a modern girl and she talks about her female punk band Sleater-Kinney.

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I feel the wind at by back when I’m driving and listening to the book Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose by activist Melanne Verveer and business women Kim K. Azzarelli. They speak of the power of women in the economy and how they can use their strengths to help others improve their life and reach their full potential (foreword by Hilary Clinton). It is known as the logical follow-up to the famous book Lean in.

Kim K. Azzarelli and Melanne Verveer
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Now I ask you: which women inspire you to go above and beyond? Any good reads?

The future seems all the more bright when Montreal’s YMCA presents Dix livres pour ancrer des modèles de femmes inspirantes dans l’esprit des jeunes (Ten books to anchor inspiring woman-figures in youth), a list of illustrated books for ages 3 to 16 designed to instill in the mind of youth the idea that women are masters of their own fate and that women, such as Marie Curie, Wangari Maathai, Elinor Smith and Elizabeth Blackwell, have achieved great feats throughout history.

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Inspiring Feminists