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Andréanne Gauthier photographe

Mitsou takes the plunge

The summer holidays are here and we’re all dying to take advantage of the good weather. We want to feel the sun caressing our skin and we want to take a dip!

Here is a sportier take on casual swimwear from the MFMK team, which you can purchase over here. It’ll satisfy your summer needs all while protecting you from the sun’s harsh rays!

We all think that rash guard swim shirts are for kids, but there are some very nice ones for adults too. They’re also twice as practical because they’ll protect you from the sun with its UV-protective fabric (SPF 50+) and prying eyes.

Did this swimsuit push me out of my comfort zone? Yes! Would I recommend it? Anytime!

Other than its UV protection, what’s really great about this top is that it covers you up. It shelters you from onlookers and it conceals any problem areas that other suits would highlight. This suit is your ally if you like having fun in the sun without any second thoughts.

The MFMK team asked me what message I wanted to pass on to women who feel uneasy about showing a little more skin — which is inevitable come summertime. Here are my thoughts:

“First of all, I’d like for all women to know that they’re lucky, because there are more stylish options available now, which can help them feel more at ease. That being said, it’s never easy — a stylish swimsuit won’t solve all your problems, but you’ll inevitably have to come to terms with what you’ve got, and that’s your body. You may have parts of it you don’t like, but you have to find a way to enjoy life and summer. There are also so many simple tricks that can help you feel more comfortable in your skin. A subtle (bottled) tan, for one, and even a manicure…You can’t go on feeling terrible about yourself in your swimsuit. You have to find one that works for you and makes you feel good.”

Don’t miss the next looks we’ll be putting out soon! In the meantime, you can create a profile here, so that the MFMK stylists can customize a look for any occasion AND for free!

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Mitsou takes the plunge